About Me




You'll find me just as comfortable in jean skirt and a tank top at a game as you will in a floor-length silk gown at the  Opera. I've found equal treasures in Billy Holiday and Nina Simone as I have in Amy Whinehouse and Buddy Guy, and let’s not forget those moments when some good old classic rock just sets the mood! Let's go see some indepedent theatre or some live music at a local hot spot. Wrap it up with a picnic, a jazz club, a dive bar, or any one of the endless new restaurants. Walk me to my door with a kiss or stay the night; you just have to ask.






The best gifts have always been the unexpected surprises that grow out of someone paying attention more than you realize. Maybe it's a ticket to a favorite musician or play. Maybe it's a favorite author's book, hot off the presses or a peice of art that just spoke my name when you saw it. Sometimes it's a quirky vintage dress or just the right independent artist's jewelry. Maybe it's because I like earthtones, but I wear a lot of flashy things - from my diamond nose ring  to a swarovski crystal bracelet or one of my many rings, and, oh goodness, do I want a vintage leather coat!





Let's take a trip somewhere - geographical, physical, sensual, emotional. Let's share a bottle of wine - Margaux Bordeaux (or anything French) or a nice ice cold bottle of Champagne. Let's explore by candlelight, or just curl up to a good film. Let's strip each other bare; I'll count your scars if you'll count my freckles. Let's raise a toast to new experiences and unforgettable memories. Let's smile and laugh and make all the weird noises we can.

I'll give you everything I've got if you just take my hand...